Women's Forum Asia 19


Venezia Wee

Lawyer | Legally Trained Global Palm Reader

英联邦律师 | 非传统手相师


A lawyer, Venezia Wee breaks the superstitions of palmistry by marrying the legal skills of case analysis and big data. By the accuracy of reading past events, Venezia also gained the confidence of royals, politicians, celebrities, athletes, and c-suites to provide pre-emptive alerts by foretelling the age, duration and outcome of chief events in areas seen as profoundly important by the subjects, including the most fantastic happening or unexpected future defects, years in advance. Her microscopic character analysis includes life-changing matters, reputation, or love life. 律师Venezia Wee运用法律技能打破对手相的迷信。通过过去事件的准确解读,她赢得皇室、政客、明星、运动员和企业高层等的信任,提供在他们视为重要领域的先兆;事件的年龄、持续时间和最终结果,提前数年预测最奇妙的发生或意想不到的缺陷。