Women's Forum Asia 19


Aishath Nahula

Government of the Maldives

Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation


Ms Aishath Nahula is the Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation. She took office in November. She is the first female Minister for transport and Civil Aviation in the Maldives. Since her appointment as the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, she’s represented Maldives in the Global aviation summit in Mumbai and the Global aviation cooperation symposium where she was one of the keynote speakers. On a national level, she has tackled some important issues during her time in office. Mainly, relating to the developments of Airports and road safety awareness.As the founder of a Non-Government Organization named Association for Social Benefits and Aids (ASBA) focusing on empowering disability children, elderly and other disenfranchised individuals in the society, she has been personally engaging in women empowerment and community development since 2012.Ms Nahula gained public attention within the presidential election campaign. She was appointed as a council member of the Republican party of Maldives in 2018. She has a background in Marketing and Management.