Daring Circles Sessions 2021

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STEM skills are the new superpower, as the speed of Covid-19 vaccine development has confirmed. From health applications to climate solutions and beyond, they save lives and deliver meaningful livelihoods. Yet today there remain serious gender gaps in STEM, with fewer women at every stage of the path to leadership. And the pandemic has heightened the barriers that women across industries face every day. This imbalance and shortage of STEM skills mean we're fighting global crises and rebuilding economies with one hand tied behind our backs. In this session, we ask: how do we ensure that diversity and inclusion in STEM are a priority as we enter the recovery? How do we harness the potential for up-skilling, re-skilling and cross-skilling to close the leadership gap? And how do we give more visibility to inspirational role models to create the conditions for women in STEM to thrive from schools to boardrooms?