Daring Circles Sessions 2021

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The pandemic is magnifying many economic obstacles and challenges faced by women worldwide. Research has found that 1 in 4 women have been downshifting their careers or leaving their jobs entirely, while women leading SMEs have experienced a 90% reduction in revenue. Such imbalances threaten to derail progress towards the innovation, competitiveness and gender-responsive design offered by diverse supply chains. Yet the crisis also offers an opportunity to rethink old patterns and behaviours. In this session we ask: what might the recovery look like if we ensure diversity and gender inclusivity in entrepreneurship and supply chains - and what are the risks if we don’t? What actions can we take now to retain, restore and grow women’s talent in business, and create an enabling environment for women’s entrepreneurship and innovation to thrive? And crucially, how can this contribute towards making our supply chains and society more resilient to future crises?