Women's Forum Germany 2022



Since its inception in 2005, the Women’s Forum has emerged as the leading international platform for transforming the power of women’s voices and perspectives into forward-thinking economic and policy initiatives for societal change.

This year, the Women's Forum will gather its international community in Berlin on June 20-21, 2022. 

We will bring together high-level representatives from the public institutions, the private sector, and international organisations, together with 250+ participants, all leading figures from G7 countries. With their vision of the current global challenges the world faces, together we will propose concrete solutions in a Call to Action, to be presented to G7 leaders, aiming to build strong, resilient, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth for the future.

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10 recommendations to raise women's voices to create change

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The Network Effect: How Women Beat the Odds to Get to the Top in Tech

Drawing on our community’s insights, this report — produced with our Knowledge Partner Boston Consulting Group — aims at creating a dynamic of awareness and change by presenting a concrete diagnostic along with pragmatic and innovative solutions to accelerate equality in STEM.


CEO Champions Commitment

Discover the 5 commitments of our CEO Champions taken on June 21st in Berlin. Now in its tenth year, the CEO Champions Initiative continues to pioneer as a high-level international platform that advocates for the inclusion of both women and men at the leadership level in the economy and society.

CEO Champions by McKinsey, in partnership with YPO. 

Learn more aboutOur climate contributions

The Women’s Forum and ClimateSeed have joined forces to achieve meaningful climate action. 
Each year, ClimateSeed - our Climate Action Partner - helps us calculate our emissions and selects a project for us to support. Discover this year's project below

 Your direct climate contributions included in your tickets will also be redirected to this project. 

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