Think again, think ahead

15 - 17 OCTOBER 2009

Think again, think ahead Women's Forum GLOBAL MEETING 2009

The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society will hold its 5th annual meeting on October 15-17, 2009 in Deauville, France under the theme of “Think again, think ahead!”
1000 leaders will gather from over 80 countries, representing more than 500 organizations to debate and exchange innovative ideas.
The 2009 program squarely addresses the challenges we must meet today. It features high-level personalities who, thanks to their new skills and new thinking will contribute to making our tomorrow.
The 2009 edition: Think again, think ahead!

“The ground has shifted beneath the feet of our business models and social and economic policies,” explains Founder and CEO Aude de Thuin. “The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society views moments of rupture like this as an opportunity to advance new ideas, technologies and even paradigms for society and the economy. With their male counterparts, women have a key role to play in the process of creating a more resilient future,” de Thuin adds.

Pragmatic in format and content, the 2009 Forum will immerse 1000 international participants in an interactive experience with doers, challengers, and young talents, including CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, thinkers, artists, politicians, and policymakers. Throughout the meeting the emphasis will be on diversity, trust and solidarity, traits which women exemplify.