Women's Forum GLOBAL MEETING 2019

Taking the lead for inclusion: accelerating impact

20 - 22 NOVEMBER 2019

Taking the lead for inclusion: accelerating impact Women's Forum Global Meeting 2019

We are on a trajectory to a less inclusive, more unequal world. Technology disrupts how we live, work and connect in profound and complicated ways. Unequal access to education and information limit human potential and stoke populism and bias. And climate change threatens our very existence. How should these challenges be addressed? 

The Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2019 calls for them to be tackled head-on through full and fair inclusion - not only gender representation, but by creating the conditions for a diverse range of leaders to bring their talents to bear on these formidable societal, political, environmental and economic challenges.

Taking the lead for inclusion has real economic and social implications, as businesses cannot thrive in unequal, unstable societies. To create a sustainable future, results must also be achieved for those traditionally left behind. Education and work for all, for instance, must include all genders, classes, and those with disabilities, including invisible ones. A fossil-free future will require fairer access to sustainable solutions across income levels. And not least of all, where politics and culture are actively divisive, inclusion may be a matter of life and death. 

The Women’s Forum believes the means and measures needed to grow women’s leadership and representation, as well as women’s leadership itself, can drive the inclusivity necessary for our economies and society to progress. Through the theme of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2019, Taking the lead for inclusion: Accelerating impact, we’ll fuel some of the accelerators of a more inclusive future, focusing on the issues of climate action, equal access to health, STEM, artificial intelligence, and economic empowerment, plus women’s leadership and governance.

Throughout this year, the Women's Forum has delivered recommendations to G7 and G20 decision-makers to encourage and engage people of all genders, generations and backgrounds for inclusion. The Global Meeting in Paris is the culmination of all the conversations and collaborations we have enabled, and the launchpad for meaningful action and impact. It will gather more than 2,000 committed delegates across business, government, academia, civil society and other sectors to unlock women’s leadership for a more inclusive future. 

Will you join us in Paris and embrace an inclusive future?