Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021

We asked our Youth Delegates from across the world...

What is your main message about the cause most important to you?

The world needs the leadership of a new generation, harnessing inclusion to more rapidly address humanity’s challenges, for a new generation – a generation that is more fired up than ever about human rights, economic, racial and gender justice, and the environment. The Women’s Forum aims to equip young people with the tools to act on the issues that drive them. 

We think the world should hear what young people have to say. 

Read their inspiring messages below!

A world full of empowered women is a world that thrives.
Gurjot Kaur, 25
Knowledge is an essential tool to confront opression, because if inequality is not researched and communicated, it is as if it does not exist.
Cristina, 24
The only way to combat climate change is through open communication, innovation, and active engagement of ALL stakeholders.
Cas, 25
The fight for gender equality does not stop at you and I - it stops when all men and women are treated as equals.
Anna, 22
The present is female.
Gladys, 24

The world is changing, and it’s up to us to make it more sustainable and more egalitarian.
Mahé, 19

Everyone should be able to reach their full potential regardless of who they are and where they come from.
Kiyoka, 21
Be the change that you want to see in the world. Women need to unify their strengths and help each other in the causes they support.
Ouerdia, 25
Toxic masculinity is the root of many global insecurity issues we face today.
Ieva, 22

I want to ensure that young women, especially young women of colour, are not only invited in these spaces but can actively participate in global decision-making.
Almeera, 23

If we are all the same, why aren’t we treated like it?
Poppy, 19
United Kingdom
The fights should not be separate, the main fight should be for respect.
Triana, 24
There are not enough men involved in the feminist cause.
Maëva, 19
Education not incarceration.
Megan, 24
Equitable education for all! Every child should have access to the tools and learning necessary to pursue their goals and better their lives!
Nahla, 16
Women must be included in peace negotiations in order to achieve stable agreements that take their wellbeing into account.
Maria, 20
All girls must have access to education.
Sophie, 15

We need media that focuses on inclusive connection with others to foster a more emotionally connected and compassionate world.
Nia, 20