Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021



ZEROBARRACENTO is a gender-neutral emerging outerwear brand focusing on zero-waste product development. 0 means zero waste, less pollution and reduced emissions as well as 0% gender 100 means 100% high quality, Made in Italy, traceability, sustainability and transparency of production ZEROBARRACENTO does not revolutionize but restructure (re-shape) the values of the textile and fashion industry, freeing itself from seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age and gender, giving life to a product that can embrace and accompany anyone who chooses it at different stages of their life, adapting to changes in body, style and personality: a uniform of identity, at the same time armor and protection. The brand redefines the production processes and the choices that contribute to the creation of a collection since each element is designed to achieve zero-waste, model typology and commitment reached at 360 degrees, with monofiber products that include cimosas and avoiding accessories that are difficult to disassemble. Quality versus quantity, uniqueness instead of seriality, traceability and transparency instead of closure. Made in Italy is a value choice, it represents the means to be able to trace every step of production, collaborating with excellent suppliers and open to change. ZEROBARRACENTO does not judge but welcomes, does not exclude but includes, does not waste but values. The brand is based on the idea of creating pieces that last and that can be handed down by generations. A timeless aesthetic, a minimal design with artistic and architectural inspirations, constantly changing design pieces in which matter is central, animated by cuts, folds, draperies and soft and destructured shapes. ZEROBARRACENTO uses only certified Made in Italy raw materials, giving priority to GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified regenerated materials. In addition, the brand has been analyzed in terms of corporate and product responsibility by Cikis and Sustainable Brand Platform. The ZEROBARRACENTO collections have been at Berlin Fashion Week, Budapest Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Montecarlo Fashion Week and Roma Fashion Week.