Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021

REPLAY: Closing Session: Uniting power and purpose: redefining leadership for an inclusive future

Nov 19, 2021 | 4:55 PM - 5:40 PM


Plenary (In-Person & Online)


How we put power to work is just as vital as who has power. How can we foster the purpose-driven leadership we need to anticipate and face crises like climate change, peace and security, and inclusive development? What kind of long-term thinking, and models of collaborative action, can build more inclusive, sustainable and resilient societies? In this cross-sector conversation, high-level speakers explore how we’ll unite power and purpose to hold each other accountable, support each other, and confront the challenges ahead. Closing session format: Part 1: Redefining leadership with purpose - UN Women, a business leader and a policymaker frame the challenge of building inclusive, resilient societies and explore how they have led with power and purpose in their work Part 2: Scaling purpose - Two business leaders and a policymaker outline how they and their organisations are empowering others to lead and act collaboratively with purpose Part 3: An inclusive future - A young leader reflects on the discussion and delivers a call to action, both to the panellists and the audience, for accountability, collaboration, and purpose-driven leadership

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