Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021


Romain Soubeyran


Directeur général


Romain Soubeyran, general engineer of the Corps des Mines, has been director of CentraleSupélec since September 2018. He had been director general of Inpi since October 2016. An alumnus of the École normale supérieure, this chief engineer in the Corps des Mines became director of development and industrial relations, deputy to the director of research at Mines ParisTech. After three years at Elf Exploration Production, he joined the Compagnie générale de géophysique in 2000, becoming technology manager of the seismic processing branch. In 2004, he joined the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, where he was scientific technical advisor to François Fillon's cabinet, then assistant to Elisabeth Giacobino, director of research, and finally assistant to Gilles Bloch, director general of research and innovation. In 2007, Romain joined CGG Veritas in Houston, where he was appointed Chief Technology Officer, before becoming the Group's Chief Scientific Officer in 2010. He headed Mines ParisTech from 2012 to 2016.

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