Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021


Khalida Brohi

Sughar Foundation

Executive Director


Khalida Brohi is an activist and entrepreneur from Balochistan, Pakistan, fighting honor murders of women via her non-profit Sughar Foundation. Sughar unleashes potential in tribal women by providing them with socio-economic opportunities & education, while also redefining the concept of honor with tribal men. Khalida is also the co-founder of The Chai Spot with her husband David, a social-enterprise that brings the beautiful cultures of Pakistan to the United States via chai, hospitality and design, in an effort to build peace and friendship between the East and the West. Khalida is the author of her memoir I SHOULD HAVE HONOR published by Random House, highlighting the stories of her childhood in Balochistan and what inspired her to start her fight for women at the age of 16.

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