Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022

École Polytechnique


Ecole Polytechnique is firmly committed to equality between men and women and to promoting scientific studies and careers for young women. It is committed to this goal, in particular through Operation Monge, in which its students met 21,000 high school students in high schools throughout France in 2022, including the DROM COMs, through its inspiring online conferences, through its girls and maths days, through its tutoring of young women, through its internships for female highschoolers and its science camps. Ecole polytechnique does not discriminate in its recruitment and distributes "women in science" scholarships to attract more young women. It has formalised a gender equality policy for its staff and research on the subject is carried out in its economics department. Ecole Polytechnique partners with the women's forum to increase the impact of its actions and to deepen its reflection with other committed actors.

Our Sessions