IN HER WORDS NYT 2020-2021

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As artificial intelligence increasingly shapes the way we live and the choices we make, what is needed to diversify who benefits from AI? Especially amid crisis, poorly designed AI that replicates underlying biases can affect who gets access to economic opportunity and even medical care. • What regulations, practices and AI tools are needed to proactively drive inclusion, and how can business, government and other stakeholders ensure that the promise of AI is evenly distributed? • What is the key ask to the G7, especially amid and post-Covid, to ensure AI is managed in ways that build an inclusive digital future? Moderator: Michael Chui, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute Speakers: • Laura Quatela, Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Lenovo • Shelley McKinley, Vice President, Microsoft Corporation • Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist & Executive Director, the Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture, Women’s Forum Rising Talent 2014

WOMEN4AI: Diversifying the future: Gender and beyond in AI

May 28 4:30 pm - 5:10 pm CEST