Women's Forum USA 2023


Shafiqa Khpalwak

Musawer Foundation and Wellesley College



I am a poet, and writer, advocating for human and women's rights. I graduated from the American University of Afghanistan and studied Political Science and Public Administration. I have advocated for women's and girls' rights since school, particularly their rights to education. I used various platforms to raise awareness of women's rights, human rights, social tolerance, and non-violence. One way that I primarily engaged in these conversations is through my writing. I have written about feminism and women's empowerment for several years. I published five books and wrote several essays and columns. Since 2015, I have been writing about women's rights on BBC Pashto. For a year, I worked with BBC as a women's affairs journalist in Kabul. I created different social media platforms to encourage young girls to share and tell their stories, as I believe it is the most potent and effective way to fight patriarchal norms. I am the director of the Musawer Foundation, which works for education and children's literature. Through the foundation, we sponsor children in rural Afghanistan to access quality education, particularly girls. Currently, we are also working on some online platforms to reach out to young girls to share their stories under the rule of the Taliban and to access secondary education since the schools are closed above grade six in the country. I am also a visiting scholar at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, in the United States.

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Shafiqa Khpalwak
Musawer Foundation and Wellesley College
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