Nov 21 | 14:40 - 15:20

Louder than words: A design workshop to amplify climate action - #Women4Climate

Room: Discovery Space


Young women may be leading the global call to act on climate change, but Generation Z won’t do it alone. The Women’s Forum Daring Circle working group on Women and Climate has published a charter spelling out what governments, corporates and individuals must do for inclusive climate action. By bringing a gender lens to climate action and a climate lens to gender equality we can make a stronger case for both.We know that women's participation in climate action is critical to it's success. However as individuals it is easy to suffer from 'eco-phobia' - a feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless to tackle such a systemic problem (and this often extends to our ability to influence change in our own organisations). During this workshop we introduce you to youth climate activist, Clover Hogan, who is working to break the paralysis of ecophobia in younger generations through her 'Force of Nature' project. Global design company IDEO will then shift the focus from the eco-phobia of others to our own, sharing a series of provocations with participants that aim to expose frustrations around climate inaction in a creative and collaborative way. Our aim is for every participant to leave the workshop feeling that they have a better sense of where they might start to make change, and to know that they are in this together as women, not alone as individuals.

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