Michael Oliphant


Explore Your Voice



Explore Your Voice is an innovative group and leadership development company based in Melbourne, Australia. Our principal product is a unique, music based, total immersion experience for groups of 50 - 1000 people for all large organisations. Explore Your Voice is particularly well suited to conferences, seminars and development days where an unusual, entertaining and uniquely valuable group event is needed. There really is nothing quite like the Explore Your Voice Challenge (as seen at the 2019 Women's Forum in Paris). It displays a unique skillset derived from professional musicians that can revolutionise the way individualls and teams work with each other. As a former CEO and career professional musician Michael Oliphant has toured the world with artists like Tina Turner and Dionne Warwick and remains an in demand music producer, vocal coach and educator in Australia. He leads a team of world class musicians who have created and provide this unique Explore Your Voice experience for all corporates and large organisations which is called 'Secret Musician's Business'. A book is due out in April 2020 of the same name which will introduce further aspects of this original concept to companies and how it can benefit them and up value their human capital.

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