Gina Neff


University of Oxford



Gina Neff is Professor of Technology & Society at the University of Oxford. She is the author of award-winning books and dozens of research articles, primarily on work and management in data-rich environments, including the latest from MIT Press's Expert Knowledge Series on digital self-tracking for health and wellness. She is a pioneer in the area of “human-centred data science,” with a forthcoming textbook on the topic. Her PhD is from Columbia University and she has had fellowships at the British Academy, the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy. Her writing for the general public appears in Wired, Slate and The Atlantic, among other outlets. She is the responsible technology advisor to GMG Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in digital news, media and entertainment companies. She serves on boards for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and Data & Society Research Institute and on the (UK) Royal Society’s high-level expert commission on online information. In her spare time, she is a founding advisor to Bluefield Labs, https://www.bluefieldlabs.io/ a COVID-related, privacy-forward back-to-work/travel/play startup.

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