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It's no secret the world needs saving -- from climate change and environmental disaster, from the rise of populism and the decline of democracy, and from the chasms in equality and inclusion that underpin and exacerbate these crises. What part do today's digital and information technologies play in rescuing us from crises and building back better -- or in aggravating challenges and widening divides? For - John Gordon, President, Commercial IoT Group, Lenovo - Gina Neff, Professor of Technology & Society, University of Oxford - Rim Tehraoui, Group Chief Data Officer, BNP Paribas Against - Rahaf Harfoush, Executive Director, Red Thread Inc , Rising Talent 2014 - Genevieve Smith, Associate Director, Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership, University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business* - Dessilava Savova, Partner, Clifford Chance Jury: - Dipty Chander, President, E-mma - Tabitah Goldstaub, Chair of the UK Government's AI Council and Co-Founder, CogX - Aurelie Jean, Computational Scientist and CEO, In Silico Veritas Poetic interlude by Amanda Gorman, Youth Poet Laureate, "We Rise"