Women's Forum Global Meeting 2024



Publicis Groupe, as the owner, has been supporting the Women's Forum for years because we believe that the social and economic issues facing humanity call for a gendered perspective and women’s leadership. The Women's Forum brings together diverse viewpoints and perspectives from the world's leading companies and institutions. We understand that collaboration creates strength. It’s only by working together that we can contribute to inclusive growth for all and create the conditions for business success. Women have been – and still are – suffering hard from Covid19 consequences, now compounded by war and economic and social crises. In our new remote working environment, it’s time to re-think totally working place habits and norms, to re-invent the programs supporting women in a real flexible workplace, to re-define inclusiveness and equality. Despite the distance, and in this new hybrid normality, we need to re-shape team building, listening and communications, and to implement innovative solutions to fight isolation and preserve physical and mental health. There is no single unique approach, but a combination of changes and new action.