Women's Forum Middle East 2020

Mar 08 | 15:00 - 15:45

Powering up sustainability: Riding the wave of alternative energy - Women & Climate DC session

Room: Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi


With over half of the world’s known crude oil and natural gas reserves, the Middle East and North Africa is the underlying powerhouse behind the world’s entire energy architecture. In a time where climate change is an ever more urgent reality, we must tackle the challenge of shifting towards renewables. As OPEC oil production cuts continue, many Middle Eastern countries lack the skills and equipment to handle the long-term effects of climate change. The role of the private sector will be vital as mounting pressures of rising CO2 levels continue to grow. Is the business sector actively contributing to the renewable energy transition? How are women leading on this front? What future green investments are on the table for the G20? This session will explore the ways that we can work together to transform the region’s carbon footprint by tapping into its innovation potential.