Women's Forum  Singapore 2024


Karla Barradas

United Nations Development Programme

Youth - APAC Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation

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Pitch Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 19, 2024
3:45 PM4:30 PM

Pitch stage: Youth Voices session | Youth, inclusivity, and the fight for climate justice: How to empower the next generations of leaders

Karla BarradasUnited Nations Development ProgrammeYouth - APAC Partnerships and Resource MobilisationSelma BichbichTogether for Blue and Green Founder/MENA Youth Network Co-founderStudentYaewon HwangGreenpeaceSenior Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Partner
Climate change disproportionately affects marginalised groups. As an example, women often tend to be the first affected by climate related disasters facing particular challenges connected to access to resources and emergency response systems that do not take into account their specific needs. It is crucial that the more vulnerable groups are not only better informed about the impacts of climate change, but also for them to be active leaders in climate advocacy. How can we effectively empower young people in climate action? How can they be better part of decision-making processes? We will explore best practices to involve young people in climate related activism, the role they play in giving space to minorities and taking ownership of their future and present.