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Candice Wang

Coding Lab

Community Director


With a background in Community and Marketing cultivated across leading Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical and FMCG enterprises, Candice is dedicated to leveraging her corporate insights to drive positive change for children. Firmly advocating for programming as an essential skill in today's economy, she embraces the challenge of shaping the education landscape for 21st-century learners. As a mother of two, Candice actively involves her children in cultivating Computational Thinking skills, nurturing their curiosity and ingenuity from a young age. Her passion for advancing children's education propels her to the forefront of innovation in the field. Beyond her roles as a mother and professional, Candice serves as the Chairperson of Tiny Thinkers, a groundbreaking social initiative dedicated to providing Computational Thinking Activities and Kits to underprivileged youth. Through this endeavor, she empowers them with the essential skills needed for success.

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Learn Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 19, 2024
2:45 PM3:30 PM

#SHECodes bootcamp: Fueling female careers in tech

Candice WangCoding LabCommunity Director
Unleash the fun in tech! Join our bootcamp to turbocharge your coding skills and flip the script on the gender gap. Did you know, only one in five new tech roles goes to women? and that In the last decade, the increase in women in ICT specialist jobs was just 1%. Let's change that together and make code a main source of opportunity boosting girls careers in tech. #GirlsCanCode