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Yaewon Hwang


Senior Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Partner


Yaewon Hwang (She/Her) is a Senior Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Partner for Greenpeace East Asia based in Hong Kong. Having resided and worked in numerous cities worldwide, she has developed a profound understanding of diversity, inclusion, and a global mindset. As a transgender woman, Yaewon is a passionate advocate for justice for all and holds a Master's degree in International Communication Management.

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Jun 20, 2024
4:00 PM4:45 PM

Activism unplugged: A change makers’ workshop

Renita CrastaTGR Real EstateHead of LegalYaewon HwangGreenpeaceSenior Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Partner
The need for activist leaders that can help us to reduce human impact on the natural world can only continue to grow rapidly in the near future. Women activists in particular represent an untapped and diverse talent resource but face many barriers and backlash in these fields. How can gender equality and environmental goals reinforce one another through activism?