Women's Forum  Singapore 2024


Xiaoyun Neo

The Untamed Paths

Facilitator & Partnerships Executive


An experienced naturalist, Xiaoyun is an avid biodiversity educator and partnerships executive with The Untamed Paths. Pitch-dark forests or knee-deep waters, pre-dawn or past midnight — she’s up for adventures and animals. Xiaoyun is also the author of the title chapter in 'Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene' (2020), and contributed a chapter on the ecological dimensions of fast fashion in 'Local Encounters in a Global City: Singapore Stories' (2017). Climate concerned and passionate, she guides others to realise the beauty and joy of the thriving natural world, and cultivate care and action towards environmental conservation. Xiaoyun published her peer-reviewed study Nature Disappeared: anti-environmental values in Singapore's history textbooks in the journal Environmental Education Research (2021). She strives to grow the purpose-driven organisations and groups that she's part of, and through them, strengthen our collective socio-ecological fabric.

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Jun 20, 2024
2:20 PM3:00 PM

The frontline of climate change: Women as agents for social progress and climate advocacy

Christine Amour-LevarHER Planet EarthFounder & CEOSelma BichbichTogether for Blue and Green Founder/MENA Youth Network Co-founderStudentPaul BlacklerWavestoneSenior ManagerXiaoyun NeoThe Untamed Paths Facilitator & Partnerships Executive
Climate change disproportionately impacts women and is a ‘threat multiplier’ in worsening existing inequalities. Women in Asia are currently at greatest risk, with over 100 million people affected by climate change in the region annually. This session explores how education empowers women and girls as agents for social change around climate issues. What are the specific skills and knowledge they will need at the frontline of climate change?
Learn Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 20, 2024
4:00 PM4:45 PM

Activism unplugged: A change makers’ workshop

Renita CrastaTGR Real EstateHead of LegalShreya Ghodawat Meat Less Meet MoreCo-founderYaewon HwangGreenpeaceSenior Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Partner Xiaoyun NeoThe Untamed Paths Facilitator & Partnerships Executive Qiyun WooThe Weird and WildScience & Environmental Communicator
The need for activist leaders that can help us to reduce human impact on the natural world can only continue to grow rapidly in the near future. Women activists in particular represent an untapped and diverse talent resource but face many barriers and backlash in these fields. How can gender equality and environmental goals reinforce one another through activism?