Women's Forum  Singapore 2024


Angela Ng


National Science Scholar


Angela is currently enjoying her time as a researcher at the A*STAR Centre for Advanced Technologies in Online Safety, and is looking forward to embarking on her doctoral degree in Social Brain Science, under the National Science Scholarship. Angela is committed to using science & technology to benefit society and aspires to merge her technical knowledge with public policy to serve others in her career. Outside of her professional and academic pursuits, Angela volunteers her time as the Head of the Cyber Youth Collective at Cyber Youth Singapore, a role she finds incredibly fulfilling. When she finds a moment to herself, she enjoys delving into photography, baking, and exploring nature through hiking. Angela attained her M.A. in Computing Science and Music at the University of Glasgow, in collaboration with Seoul National University, where she was recognized with a Commendation Letter for being one of the highest academic achievers of her college.