Women's Forum  Singapore 2024


Jen Goh

The Majurity Trust

Manager, Advancement and Philanthropy


Jen is a former national golfer who won multiple national and international championships, aspiring to become Singapore’s first female golfer on the LPGA Tour and Olympics. After 5 surgeries in as many years, she reluctantly retired from golf but found her calling to serve the communities she lived in. By day, Jen leads fundraising and donor engagement efforts at The Majurity Trust - a philanthropic organisation who works with funders and social impact organisations to build thriving communities for all in Singapore. Passionate about mobilising more capital towards impact, she is working on piloting innovative, impact-first financing to achieve better social outcomes. Jen previously founded a groundup initiative that provided holistic education opportunities for children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, using sport as a leveller. She also serves on the 17th National Youth Council and volunteers on SGA Training & Development Committee to support the next generation of young golfers.

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Impact Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 19, 2024
3:45 PM4:30 PM

From Shadows to Spotlight: The evolving status of women in arts and sports

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Through time, women athletes and artists have gained a place in their industries bringing their creative flavour and abilities to the attention of the big public. However they are still less paid, less recognised by institutions and they have less leadership roles in these cultural fields. What are some of the barriers women are facing in the arts and sports industries? What is holding them back and what can we do push forward?