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Tanya Rolfe

Harriet, Sophia & Lovingly Signed



Tanya's fifteen-year career in the legal sector, spanning both London and Australia, exposed her to gender inequalities, particularly concerning treatment, pay and bonuses. These experiences ignited her passion for gender equality and later became the driving force behind her desire to be a catalyst for change. One year after leaving big law, Tanya's family's move from London to Singapore, coupled with the birth of her daughter, Adelaide, reignited her commitment to advocating for girls and women everywhere. In the course of this journey, Tanya has had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in establishing the first all-women angel investment group (In Asia), dedicated to supporting women-led start-ups. What started as an angel investment group organically evolved into a venture capital fund, reaffirming her commitment to empowering women in the business world. Tanya also runs Sophia, a business she co-founded with a resolute focus on financial inclusion. Sophia's mission is to bridge the financial literacy gap, eliminate gender-based financial barriers, and tackle the shortage of female investors head-on. Her journey to support and uplift women goes beyond Sophia and alongside it, she co-founded Harriet, a community platform that acts as a helping hand for women in their quest to build and secure funding for their businesses Tanya also started The Money Makers Podcast, a show for amazing women and space for women to talk about money and their lives. Finally, she writes for Tatler Asia and other publications and regularly features on Singapore’s radio shows.

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Learn Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 20, 2024
11:15 AM12:00 PM

HerWallet: A financial literacy workshop for women

Tanya RolfeHarriet, Sophia & Lovingly SignedFounder
You might think that your gender and your bank balance have nothing to do with each other, but money and gender have a much more complex relationship than most of us realise. Statistically, women often have less financial knowledge and lower access to formal financial products than men. Thus, the importance for women to demystify the concepts of budgeting, saving and investing, while strengthening their approach to personal finance. what strategies and money-related decisions I can take today, to secure my financial freedom for the future ?