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Adam Huh Dam

Stick 'Em



Adam Huh Dam is a young innovator and entrepreneur passionate about democratizing access to quality STEAM education. At age 7, he built his first solar-powered Mars rover, igniting a lifelong fascination with robotics and space exploration. Adam went on to create advanced robots that excelled in international competitions. Recognizing the potential of STEAM education to empower the next generation, Adam co-founded Stick 'Em, a startup providing accessible robotics and coding education to children regardless of background. He aims to nurture creative problem-solvers who will shape humanity's future. Adam's experiences span product development, business strategy, and engineering leadership, collaborating with organizations like National Institute of Education (Singapore), IMDA, Google, governments and schools. Pursuing his studies at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Adam brings a forward-thinking perspective on education's role in preparing youth, to lead in the new era of space exploration and astronomical advances. He is honored to moderate the vital conversation on enhancing female representation in astronomy and STEM.

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Innovate Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 19, 2024
3:45 PM4:30 PM

Galactic leaders: Women shaping the future of astronomy and space

Victoria AlonsoperezChipsafer Pte. Ltd. Founder Adam Huh DamStick 'EmDirectorLim (Marvyn) SengIN.GENIUS Executive Director
Women have played instrumental roles in advancing our understanding of space, yet their representation in the astronomic community remains limited . As astronomy is undergoing a transformative period marked by innovative breakthroughs that normalise space exploration, how can education serve as a tool to enhance and encourage the involvement of women in this dynamic era of astronomical progress ?