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Lim (Marvyn) Seng


Executive Director


Lim Seng was awarded scholarships to study in France and America. He did a BSc in Mathematics, a MSc in Electronics Engineering and Physics Maitrise, and a MSc in Computer Engineering. In 1987 he was posted to MoD, and he pioneered the SAF UAV unmanned capability. Lim Seng was awarded numerous Best Programme Awards, amongst which the Star Awards at National level three consecutive times for innovative contributions, and for the first UAV Simulator in the World. In 1999, Lim Seng was nominated by the Dy Prime Minister DR Tony Tan to set up Singapore's first offshore Defense Technology Office DTO(E) for Europe in Paris. He directed the office until 2004, and succeeded in numerous G-G collaborations with France, Germany, Sweden, UK etc. For his contribution towards technology cooperation with Europe, he was accorded by the Singapore President Nathan an Administration Service Medal in 2004. In 2005, Lim Seng joined EADS Corporate HQ (AirBus Group today) as the Senior Advisor, EADS International for Global Business Strategy, and Vice President Cassidian Defence System Division, Asia Pacific. In 2007, he represented the EADS Group CTO for Asia Pacific where he was instrumental in the set up of the Singapore EADS R&D lab. Notably, in 2010 he initiated the Hypersonic Space Plane Demonstrator project in Singapore. He also initiated a technology competition in Vietnam with VAST to save fishermen from typhoons. In his private capacity, he volunteered for charity projects, helping to set up and provide solar energy as well as goat farms for poor villages. Lim Seng also initiated a social enterprise, Life Skills, teaching: not-taught-in-textbooks-to financial-aid-scheme students. In October 2015, Lim Seng was invited by the United Nations ITU to speak at the Space Resources Symposure advocating establishing a novel internet based in Space. Lim Seng is currently the Founder of IN.Genius conducting Near-Space experiments for scientific applications. He has attempted sending a first Singaporean to cross the Armstrong Line into Space on 31 May 2019 (www.gospace.sg). Lim Seng is also the Founder of Singapore Astronautics pioneering Space Sciences education and rocket science.

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Innovate Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 19, 2024
3:45 PM4:30 PM

Galactic leaders: Women shaping the future of astronomy and space

Victoria AlonsoperezChipsafer Pte. Ltd. Founder Lim (Marvyn) SengIN.GENIUS Executive Director
Women have played instrumental roles in advancing our understanding of space, yet their representation in the astronomic community remains limited . As astronomy is undergoing a transformative period marked by innovative breakthroughs that normalise space exploration, how can education serve as a tool to enhance and encourage the involvement of women in this dynamic era of astronomical progress ?