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Tanvi R Thombre




Tanvi is the founder of Greenairy, which builds smart plant towers for indoor air quality and sustainability education. After completing her Bachelor's in Robotics and Master's in Design Engineering on scholarship at SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design), she found a way to combine her passion for sustainability and health through her startup Greenairy. They have won multiple awards in Singapore and abroad, including the Standard Chartered Women in Entrepreneurship, UNDP Youth Colab Singapore champion, Youth Action Challenge, InnoServe Awards, and Techblazer Awards. She is happy to answer any questions and collaborate in indoor air quality and sustainability education.

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Pitch Hub (Discovery Space)
Jun 20, 2024
4:00 PM4:45 PM

Pitch stage: Youth Voices session | The gender gap in a digital age: Empowering girls in STEM and tech

Angela NgA*STARNational Science ScholarTanvi R ThombreGreenairyFounderTanushah RamadassGirl Up Youth Ambassador, Former Teen Advisor (Class of 2019-2020), and regional head of South East asia Candice WangCoding Lab AsiaCommunity Director
The world is more and more transitioning towards the digital age. Everything in everyday life has a digital aspect to it, and crucial fields of life like work and education are also being permeated by technology. In this evolutionary process, women risk being left behind: girls and women are still underrepresented in STEM education and STEM careers, and in lower income countries girls with access to the internet are less than boys, meaning their digital skills are also fewer. If such elements are not taken into consideration in technological development and in policy making, they will widen the gender gap and represent more harm than a booster for equality overall. In this session we will explore the challenges that young girls face when approaching tech careers and STEM subjects, how they can be overcome and what are some best practices.