Women's new responsibility for improving our societies

5 - 7 OCTOBER 2006

Women's new responsibility for improving our societies Women's Forum GLOBAL MEETING 2006

What will be the new responsibilities of women in tomorrow's world? How can they contribute to building a more balanced future? The theme of responsibility is at the heart of the 2006 edition of the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society.

Women's increasing responsibilities are being exercised in all areas and at all levels. According to an article published in The Economist on 12 April 2006, the world economy is not only driven by new technologies or new giants such as China, Brazil or India, but by women, who represent a very important, if under-utilised, reservoir of wealth and skills. They are not content to provide an efficient workforce or to be a consumer-decision-maker. Women are also, and increasingly so, leaders, managers or entrepreneurs. Succeeding better than boys in the school and university system, they will be better suited to the jobs of the 21st century. Adding together the female activity rate and the wealth generated by domestic work and the education of children, women are responsible for half of the world's wealth produced. For many observers, we have thus entered the era of "womenomics", the "feminized" economy, thought and practiced by women.

Women are at the forefront of vital issues - health, education, the environment and demographics - which will be the four main themes of the next Women's Forum.