Building Trust in our Societies

11 - 13 OCTOBER 2007

Building Trust in our Societies Women's Forum GLOBAL MEETING 2007

Our theme for the third edition of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, «Building Trust in our Societies», is a crucial subject.

In our era, economic, social and environmental issues are such that experts, philosophers, financiers, researchers and sociologists have trouble defining conditions that could create a better, more secure, and trustworthy world. At the same time, the world’s citizens are observing global changes live on the Internet and can exchange information, share their doubts and their questions.

It is therefore more vital than ever to bring practical and realistic answers to these questions, no matter where they come from. And it has become essential to stray from pat answers to favour tangible results and find alternative responses either in terms of new ethical standards or new social networks, while reinforcing human rights for a new kind of justice and rethinking cultural identity for a global world. Few issues can avoid reform, and few escape scrutiny. In light of this, we must redefine each and every assigned role for nations, companies, associations and individuals.
In this massive redistribution of roles, women are taking centre stage and assuming their responsibilities—alongside men, of course. Women's support is essential. Not only because they are a key element of social cohesion, but also because they are inventive and innovative, and the results of their actions show the pertinence of their approach. There will be intense moments in Deauville this year!

By choosing to address the theme of trust, we aim to show that the greatest wealth that men and women can offer is the capacity to exchange experiences, create a connection, build relationships, the respect of others and the respect for commitment. Trust is a virtue, but one that must be deserved.

In order to restore trust in our societies, it is essential to make a pact of clarity and truth. This is the choice of women I meet throughout the world and in all domains—and this is no coincidence. In Deauville, we will listen to women who are clearing the path, those that live the spirit of entrepreneurship every day, that defend the rising power of civil society or are actors in international organisations.

By gathering the most varied panel of women with professional, political, associative and human experience, the Women’s Forum will show than in just three years it has become an indispensable venue for meetings and debates which our changing society direly needs. It is a meeting place for people active in domains as varied as business, culture, politics and associations—a unique gathering for differing voices and visions.

Ever more international and unexpected in its open-mindedness, more original in its approach to the issues, this new edition of the Women’s Forum will be an exceptional vintage. For three days the Forum will gather together women and men, opinion leaders, intellectuals and exceptional individuals who are the real vectors of change in today's world. Interested in the experiences of others and concerned about the future of our population, they come from around the world to share the same ambition: to restore trust in our societies.