Energizing the world!

14-16 OCTOBER 2015

Energizing the world! Women's Forum GLOBAL MEETING 2015

Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.
Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Citadelle

Our future is notoriously unpredictable. Part of the reason is that, as the creative species, people keep producing new scientific and technological innovations, changing our business models, questioning political institutions, and challenging social norms. We can fight this churn. Or we can live it with energy and confidence – acting together to seek to produce a better tomorrow.

Building on a theme of Energizing the world!, the 11th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting will feature three agenda streams, each a major avenue for women leaders to join their peers, male and female, to enable our future to come:
  • Addressing vital needs: How are we going to address people’s vital needs – and not unequally, but rather via new means to ensure access for all?
  • Crafting the future: Important scientific and technological advances already underway will further disrupt business models, even as they open exciting (if sometimes frightening) new socio-political prospects. How can/should we engage with their multiple implications?
  • Creative fires: If we want to make a better world tomorrow, we have to listen to youth – whose world it will be – and to create conditions for entrepreneurship and creativity to better flourish. What are some of the best ways to accomplish this?
These agenda streams guide both the general program and the Discovery, the Forum’s renowned ‘event within an event.’ The Discovery, recognized globally as the Forum’s signature space, will be co-created with the support of partners in a dedicated area of 2000 sq. meters. The Discovery agenda of workshops and ‘meet with’ and ‘Discovery moment’ sessions is already taking form via selected topic areas; session themes will follow shortly.