Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021

SPEED MENTORING It's okay to ask

Speed Mentoring How does it work?

Have a burning question that falls outside the cerebral debates and theoretical thinking of the Forum? Are you craving targeted, insightful guidance about the complex workings of your career path from someone who’s been there and succeeded in exceptional ways? 

Join the Speed Mentoring space by clicking to the right - you will be automatically matched with someone else online for 7 minutes! 

Introduce yourself, state whether you are looking for mentorship or to serve as a mentor, and begin the discussion. If you are matched with someone in your same category, we encourage you to continue the conversation and practice your pitch as peer-to-peer mentorship is highly valuable too!

Speed Mentoring Guiding Questions

  • What has been your most challenging professional experience and how did you handle it? 
  • What advice do you wish someone had given you 5 years ago? 10 years ago?
  • What concrete steps should I take to lead my organisation into becoming a purpose-driven operation? 
  • What advice can you share with a first-time entrepreneur? 
  • What are ways that I can integrate social causes I care about into my life while maintaining my career and personal responsibilities? 
  • How do I effectively navigate a career transition between functional areas of my organisation or field (for instance, from production to research and development)? 
  • How do I harness the stress of increased responsibility and seniority? 
  • How do I continue building credibility and honing my sense of confidence and authority? 
  • How do I make the case to an employer to hire a new team member who brings more passion than expertise to a job?