Women's Forum MEXICO 2017

Unleash your leadership!

8 - 9 NOVEMBER 2017

Unleash your leadership! WOMEN'S FORUM MEXICO 2017

Now is an appropriate time to look at major trends and realize an open and dynamic 21st-century Mexico. Even before the September earthquakes people were speaking of 2017 as marking the beginning of a major transformation for Mexico’s society and economy. How will Mexicans continue to come together as a civil society expressive of support and solidarity across all divisions? How will Mexico diversify its economic relations? How will it realize new leadership for the 21st century – new modes of managing companies and unleashing Mexico’s talent, new identities and inspiration for Mexicans as a people and for Mexico in the region and the world?

Women’s Forum Mexico 2017 takes up these challenges in a programme focused on Unleash your leadership! Our 2nd edition will bring together 800+ women and men, each an influencer or high potential in her or his field, for debates intended to advance national renewal, encourage corporate and social and cultural innovation, and support individual leadership development. We believe that women’s experience, expertise, and vision are essential to achieve viable social and economic advancements. So we feature women leaders from Mexico and abroad in dialogue with their men counterparts. Among the sessions on the agenda (with all of the plenaries and many of the breakout sessions in simultaneous translation for Spanish/English)
  • And we became community leaders: Citizens action in the aftermath of the earthquakes
  • Unleash our civic engagement!
  • Diversification: Our no. 1 priority
  • The trends we must take into account for a thriving 21st-century workforce
  • Do it! Being leaders in our sectors
  • Leading to address our real social problems
  • Learn from Canadian diversity obstacles and successes
  • Self-effort, grace and reinvention
  • Creating more successful tech innovators
  • Creating more successful cultural innovators

This edition will see a Women’s Forum Delegation from Canada joining the meeting. The Delegation will gather with American and Mexican entrepreneurs and business leaders at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a Nov. 7 pre-programme on women entrepreneurship co-hosted by the Ministry, Women’s Forum, ProMexico, and the Canadian and the U.S. Embassies to Mexico. 

Women’s Forum Initiatives CEO Champions and Rising Talents are both on the agenda – CEO Champions for the 2nd year in Mexico, and Rising Talents, celebrating a 10th anniversary this year. And new for 2017:
  • Women in Sport, foregrounding outstanding women athletes and promoting sports as a leadership route for women and girls.
  • New at the Top interviews of corporate stars.
  • Interactive peer-peer breakfast workshops to provide participants a return on investment for their careers, business goals, and social objectives, together with special Call to Action sessions for participants to co-create, commit, and act together to unleash their leadership to solve fundamental issues for women’s empowerment.