Rising Talents Network

Women's Forum Global Meeting 2021


In 2021, the Women’s Forum will shine a light on power: on the use and misuse of power; the power to empower and lift others up; and the power, of course, to lead, through and beyond the pandemic. The resilience of our future economies and societies depends on our collective action now. How can we ensure that power, today, is inherently purposeful? That our leaders, throughout sectors, geographies and communities, are driven by long-term thinking, and include the diverse perspectives that our global challenges require? We are calling on women leaders from around the world to share their solutions for tackling economic inequality and empowerment, inclusive technology, climate change and access to health - as global challenges that require new models of purposeful leadership. The meeting will be a platform for presenting data to shape conversations, launching new initiatives and offering recommendations for businesses and governments to take immediate action. Uniting power and purpose is about making power purposeful, and turning purposeful business, politics and economics into new sources and outcomes of power. Women and men leaders are coming to the table with myriad solutions for how to build this new reality– and our planet needs them all. Will you lend your leadership to our inclusive future?