Rising Talents Network

Vision & Mission

The Women’s Forum Rising Talents Initiative, celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2022, aims to distinguish highly talented young women who are on their way to becoming influential figures in our economies and societies. This initiative is a commitment to promoting women leaders and bringing the vision of rising generations to the Women’s Forum. 

 The Women’s Forum and its partners, INSEAD, Lazard and Russell Reynolds Associates share a common belief: that the identification and nurturing of talent among women is critical for the future of global business and society. Each year around 15 young women are selected to join the Rising Talents network, attend the Women’s Forum Global Meeting and regional Women’s Forum Meetings, and benefit from enhanced networking activities and support during these events and into the future. 

Our 2022 Rising Talents hail from all corners of the world and from a diversity of sectors, from healthcare and biotechnology to sustainable development and business innovation. Talents are selected on the basis of having demonstrated outstanding skills, leadership, open-mindedness, an international mindset, and bravery in their personal and professional lives. In 2022, Christel Heydemann, CEO of Orange will be the ambassador of the Rising Talents initiative. 

 Since its creation, the Rising Talents network has brought together 250+ women coming from over 60 different countries, representing a diversity of sectors. Amongst these talents have risen ministers, CEOs and executives of important companies, artists, and NGO representatives, who all help drive women economic empowerment in their sphere of work.   

Upcoming Meetings

As a member of our Rising Talents community, you are invited to join us, either physically or virtually, at all of our Women's Forum Meetings. Learn more about our upcoming meetings here!

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