Revitalizing Europe with women's energy for peace and prosperity

26 - 27 JUNE 2017

Revitalizing Europe with women's energy for peace and prosperity Women's Forum ROME 2017

Women’s Forum Rome will gather more than 200 thought-leaders representing government and business, Nobel prizewinners and top-level personalities across all sectors from Europe and from Mediterranean countries.

Our ambition is to mobilize women’s energy to bolster and restore confidence in the future of Europe, and to build new bridges and facilitate dialogue between Europe and all Mediterranean countries.

The Treaty of Rome gave rise to the European Union and to the common desire to improve living standards, guarantee social protection, combat discrimination, encourage cross-border mobility and promote democracy and personal freedom.

Six decades after the Treaty of Rome was signed, the European Union has been reeling from one emergency to another, and EU leaders have responded with a “roadmap” in an effort to restore confidence and rally support for its core mission: to achieve lasting peace and growth for its 500 million citizens.

Women’s Forum Rome will create momentum and deliver strong messages for co-operation, growth, research & innovation, energy, infrastructure, mobility, investment & finance, education, culture. And it will provide an opportunity to discuss and take action on behalf of European values, to foster prosperity and secure peace.

Commit to European values