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The Women's Forum G20 Italy


The Women’s Forum G20 Italy aims to highlight women’s voices and visions to ensure a truthful She-covery for all: women should be the key players, co-creating along with men the new world that humanity needs. Created in 2005 and headquartered in Paris with global influence, the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society is the international leading platform for action to highlight women’s voices and vision. We develop innovative solutions not only on gender issues but on pressing challenges that concern the humanity as a whole: economic empowerment, inclusive technology, climate change and access to health. Therefore, we are convinced that the most powerful economies of the world should lead by example by mobilizing women’s leadership and bring back not only a sustainable economic Recovery but also dignity and justice for all. In the context of the pandemic, the world has a unique opportunity: acknowledge a new role for women in our economies and societies. Indeed, women are not only at the frontline taking care of children, family, elders, and the most vulnerable population during the crisis. Women are especially the driving force behind our advancement in innovation, science, research, policy development, strategic actions to fight the pandemic. Set in the booming and inspiring metropolis of Milan, on the occasion of the first-time Italian Presidency of the G20, the Women’s Forum G20 Italy will represent a unique opportunity to foster the dialogue between international private and public high-level decision makers. In a Call to Action to the G20 Leaders, these stakeholders will bring their insights and contributions to ensure that women are fully involved in a new Renaissance for the Relaunch plans, providing a complete change of paradigm. During the event we will also launch the Women’s Forum Barometer on Gender Equality, measuring in the G20 Countries the reality and the perception. It is a powerful tool that will provide guidance and will alert of the need of deep changes towards gender equality. This is the momentum: let’s engage for impact!

A She-Covery for All: Towards the Zero Gender Gap A Call to Action to the G20 Leaders

At the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, we are convinced that the positive change can truthfully come from the G20 Countries, which together account for 60% of the world's population, represent more than 80% of the global Gross Domestic Product and 75% of global trade. They have the responsibility to lead by example by fostering women’s empowerment and impactful leadership. 
 Over time, the Women’s Forum has demonstrated its expertise in raising awareness and in influencing global leadership groups such as the G7 and the G20, ensuring to highlight women’s vision and have a strong impact on the global ecosystem. 

This is why we are launching the Call to Action, ‘A She-Covery for All’, addressed to the G20 Leaders and presented at the Women’s Forum G20 Italy, on the occasion of the first-ever Italian Presidency of the G20 in 2021. We are calling on the G20 Leaders to mainstream a gender dimension in their Agenda and acknowledge women as active contributors in bringing transformative solutions and building back better.

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