WFG20 Italy



Freeda is proud to partner with the Women's Forum to help create a more inclusive world for women. There cannot be an equal society without female representation and Freeda has a daily commitment to this mission, promoting gender equality, equal opportunities and increasing the representation of women in top positions. Freeda is a media company founded in 2016 by Andrea Scotti Calderini and Gianluigi Casole and speaks of issues and trends concerning women, Gen-Z and Millennials, succeeding at building a media capable of creating a new type of dialogue based on constant listening and more inclusive representation. Freeda Media is one of the most influential and followed realities on social media networks, with more than 8.5 million people following their content and has always strived to share the female world by breaking away from traditional gender stereotypes, using social media every day to share the stories of women who help inspire positive change within society.