Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


2022 Youth Ambassadors Workshop

On November 28th, the Women's Forum 2022 Youth Ambassadors will gather during our Youth Workshop hosted by our partner Boston Consulting Group, to work on the Women’s Forum key themes at the intersection with gender equality: Climate, Health, Peace and STEM. 

 They will be divided in 4 groups according to our 4 themes. Each group will receive one debate question and all the Youth Ambassadors will be allocated to a team to prepare arguments FOR or AGAINST the question. Each side will have to pick a representative to defend their arguments in front of all the Youth Ambassadors for the final 10 minutes debate. 

 After the debate, the Youth Ambassadors will be invited to participate in a soft skills workshop where they will either learn how to speak in public, how to network or how to fight unconscious bias.

Check back here for updates during the Global Meeting!

November 28thYouth Workshop at BCG

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