Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022



CMA CGM, a global player in maritime, land, air and logistics solutions. Committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within its workforce. The richness of the CMA CGM Group lies in the diversity of its employees. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to create innovative and successful teams and our goal is to promote them within the Group by focusing on three key areas: gender balance, intergenerational and cultural diversity. The priority is to promote the essential place of women within the Group by putting in place measures to encourage women to occupy strategic roles. Aware that there is still progress to be made, CMA CGM has set ambitious targets such as doubling the number of women in the top 200 jobs by 2025. Promoting diversity and inclusion is the sign of a strong performing, resilient and durable group, aiming to give women the position they deserve and a strategic role. The shared foundation of this partnership lies in making women part of the economy, which concerns not only the role of women and inequalities but also economic growth. Businesses in general and those in the shipping and logistics industry need female leaders who contribute to this.

Our Sessions