Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


Justine Pelisson

Maor Investments

Head of Business Development


Justine is a young behavioral neuroscience graduate passionate by understanding human behavior, cognitive biases and mental disorders. From her studies, she has nurtured a deep interest for technology and understanding the impact and value innovation can bring to many social problematics - such as better inclusion of marginalized groups, access to fair education, climate change, etc. She has gained a very diverse professional education over the past years thanks to her internships at L’Oréal and BCG, as well as 2.5 years at Accenture as a Strategy consultant in Data & commercial effectiveness projects — where she also advocated for the creation of a mental health surveillance team as well as for the development of local Inclusion & Diversity initiatives. She is today a real woman in Tech, working for an Israeli deep tech VC fund (Maor Investment) as their Head of Business Development - bridging the Israeli tech expertise to the European innovation-driven ecosystem. In parallel, she is personally working on a tech project related to education and STEM careers. She is a Womens Forum youth ambassador.

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