Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


Delphine Bourrilly


President & Managing Partner France


For Delphine Bourrilly, Kearney is a place where she has the flexibility and space to find fulfillment in more ways than one. “Even when I was an associate I felt like no was never an answer,” she says. “You have the freedom here to think big and get involved with work you’re passionate about whether that be through projects, proposals, research, or extracurricular work.” Delphine’s main passions lie within the Leadership, Change and Organization Practice, where she specifically focuses on operating models, organizational design, and large-scale transformations. When working on different field projects—figures and numbers aside—she also uses determination, coordination, and people as key factors of success. “There is no obvious right or wrong answer in LCO projects,” she says. “The numbers and analysis give some guidance but at the end of the day the solution comes from a judgment call. I find that extremely gratifying.” While Delphine may rely on judgment calls in her problem solving, she says she avoids them in her everyday interactions, a mindset she encourages her teams and clients to follow as well. “Your role is not to focus on the “Even Better Ifs” of a person. There is something interesting and super powerful about everyone, but sometimes it might not be obvious,” she says. “Find out why they are successful, what they’re the best at—find that quality and leverage it.”

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