Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


Fatimah Hossaini


Artist, Women's Rights Activist & Founder


Fatimah Hossaini, Afghan Artist, photographer, curator, exhibitioner and Founder of Mastooraat Organization. She is the youngest among 10 first winner of the Hypatia international award which reward to the commitment in the field of Research, art and professions. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from University of Tehran after her first bachelor in Industrial engineering. She Taught at art Faculty of Kabul University from 2018-2019. She works as an author with Outriders magazine in Poland and many more publications like TIME magazine, Guardian, Vice, Aljazeera, Vogue and ... as a freelancer. Fatimah has worked and advocated on Women and refugee rights on national and international platforms though UNHCR and UN women. Her works as a photographer tells powerful stories of identity and femininity in Afghanistan. Although color and passion are the main drivers of her success in her artwork, she specializes in Staged photography. Due to her passion and admiration of arts, Her work has been featured and displayed in many global and international group exhibitions and art festivals in different part of the world. Additionally, Fatimah’s works and articles has been printed and featured in local and transnational publications.

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