Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


Ines Ben Amor




She is a problem-solver kiddo, that wants to reinvent the world with a more gender-inclusive lifestyle. As a product enthusiast, with a strong interest for technical challenges and UX, she often finds herself flying from problems to concrete solutions, with a step-by-step approach. Being a woman brought to her very early, the concept of bias. That being said, she cannot but emphasize enough how this can impact the women healthcare field. This is why, she decided to take on Luna's mission, to shape the future of digital healthcare for women with endometriosis by reducing the delayed diagnosis and by strengthening medical care. Surrounded by the best doctors and a stunning team, she is sure that technology will give us all the superpowers to make it real. As a hobby, she loves teaching data science in a 5-year old style, and democratizing technology to the world. She also volunteer in a charity for childhood cancer. Making a difference is her priority. Helping people in need is her soul. Dream big or go home is her fuel. She wants to drive a positive impact in Tech to build a better world for Women that have endometriosis.

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