Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


Morgane Yvergniaux

Pernod Ricard

Head of sustainable terroirs


Morgane Yvergniaux joined the Pernod Ricard Group on January, 2020 to lead the "Nurturing Terroir" pillar of the Good Times from a Good Place CSR strategy. Engineer in agroecology, Morgane began her career on the field during 3 years in direct contact with farmers to support their ecological transition. Then, she joined a French cluster dedicated to crops innovation, rather focused on downstream topics such as eco-design, digital transformation or circular economy Finally, before joining Pernod Ricard, Morgane worked for 3 years in the consultancy agency Utopies, dedicated to positive impacts strategies particularly in charge of sustainable supply chains for the Food & Beverages sector. Today, within the Pernod Ricard Group, she leads the Terroir strategy around two angles, sustainable sourcing strategy for natural ingredients, and regenerative agriculture programs to address climate issues, biodiversity erosion and communities inclusion.

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