Women's Forum Global Meeting 2022


Guila Clara Kessous


Peace Ambassador


Guila Clara Kessous is a social entrepreneur and executive coach, using theatrical techniques and role-playing games as tools that can not only enhance corporate communication, but help heal those who have suffered from prior trauma, especially women. For her work with humanitarian causes, she has been nominated “UNESCO Artist for Peace”, notably in link with her work in collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai, using theatre to help girls’ empowerment. As a certified coach, she has helped more than 500 senior executives (French Tech, CAC 40, Nasdaq 500) in their leadership responsibilities dealing with women's empowerment and conflict resolution. Harvard University Presse: https://www.hbrfrance.fr/chroniques-experts/2020/01/29035-jeu-de-main-jeu-de-negociateur/ https://www.hbrfrance.fr/chroniques-experts/2022/02/43309-ces-competences-subtiles-qui-favorisent-un-leadership-de-coeur/ https://www.hbrfrance.fr/chroniques-experts/2021/07/37446-renforcer-le-systeme-humanitaire-de-lentreprise-avec-les-key-behavioral-

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