Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023



The EDGE Certified Foundation is firmly committed to advancing equitable workplaces on a global scale through EDGE Certification, the leading global standards for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), centred on a workplace gender and intersectional equity approach. Our historic partnership with the Women's Forum, which dates back to 2010, serves as a testament to our dedication to fostering equal opportunities and our mutual aspiration for progress. The Women’s Forum stands as an influential platform, amplifying the voices of women and change-makers worldwide. With its substantial reach and impactful voice across diverse stakeholder groups, the Women’s Forum drives the shift from awareness to actionable change, propelling advancements in gender balance, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and creating lasting impact throughout workplaces, society, and beyond. With these ambitions closely aligned with the mission and vision of the EDGE Certified Foundation, it is an honor to continue to partner with the Women’s Forum.

Our Sessions